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Incentive Token ($HEXIT)

The Incentive Token works as a mechanism to further delay gratification.

TLDR: to acquire $HEXIT, participants must stake their LPs and/or sacrifice to the correct address, during the accepted period.

Incentive Token

The Hex One Incentive Token, or $HEXIT, has the purpose of being an extra incentive for those who wish to further delay gratification and lock-up liquidity in pools.

By staking LPs, depositors can claim $HEXIT, which has several mechanics to make it more scarce and valuable, just like PULSE and PULSEX.

How It Works

Incentive Token Pumpanomics

Let's discuss the features added to Hex One Incentive Token and the logic that will make it scarcer.



Hexit inflation decreases over time, since a max number of tokens can be minted per day

Less inflation usually means less tokens to sell

Lock liquidity

Depositors must lock LPs in order to receive a greater share of $HEXIT in staking

  • The possibility of removing liquidity greatly diminishes

  • Less tokens are available for sale

Staking ladder

By adding liquidity pairs to $HEXIT, depositors are able to climb the APR ladder

$HEXIT is locked in liquidity pools, making the token even scarcer. The more capital you add to the LP, the more $HEXIT you earn per second

Longer pays better

When you stake $HEXIT, the longer you stake if for, the more rewards you collect

Enter and leave at any time without penalties. The longer you stay, the more $HEXIT you collect

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