Airdrop Benefits

Why should you participate in the Hex One Protocol Airdrop phase?

Airdropping is a pretty awesome way to increase the potential number of $HEXIT hodlers.

There are a number of benefits of performing a free Airdrop of $HEXIT that we would like to point out in case you're still missing the full picture.

BenefitWhy is goodWhat you get

If you participate in the Bootstrap phase, you claim extra $HEXIT

We give an extra reward to all those who participated in the bootsrapping sacrifice phase and hodl the $HEXIT received

Claim $HEXIT in porportion to the Hexit tokens you hodl

By doing an Airdrop of $HEXIT we are potentially increasing the community of hodlers

Everyone loves free money. We're making sure everyone who stakes hex and helped bootstrapping Hex One gets a cut.

A bigger community of participants = increased awareness

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