Bootstraping Hex One

Here you'll learn what it means to "Bootstrap Hex One" and each of the different phases.

Bootstrap Liquidity

During the Bootstrap, participants can Sacrifice tokens (HEX, DAI, WPLS, PLSX). The funds will be distributed accordingly:

  • 75% of the Bootstrap USD value is returned to the participants, in $HEX1 tokens

  • 25% of the Bootstrap USD value is added to HEX1/DAI LP

Bootstrap participants will also receive $HEXIT tokens (during Sacrifice and Airdrop).

Bootstrap phases

The bootstrap is comprised of 6 major phases:

  1. Deposit phase: during this period the only functionality available is to deposit tokens through the Hex One Protocol Dapp. Borrowing $HEX1 tokens is disabled.

  2. Claim $HEXIT: Once the bootstrap ends, the users have 7 days to claim $HEXIT tokens in order to receive the $HEX1 Sacrifice Share. Borrowing $HEX1 tokens is enabled.

  3. Bootstrap $HEX1 + $HEXIT tokens distribution to participants.

  4. Airdrop phase: participants in the bootstrap + hex stakers can claim an airdrop of $HEXIT tokens. Lasts for 69 days.

  5. Borrow $HEX1 is enabled once the bootstrap ends. You can borrow during the airdrop.

  6. Farming is enabled right after the bootstrap ends.

Only bootstrap using our official dApp. If you send tokens directly into the contract you may not be eligible to claim your $HEX1 and $HEXIT tokens.

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