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How to Borrow

In this section, you can learn how borrowing works.

TLDR: borrow $HEX1 stablecoin by depositing hex in the vault that gets staked and generates tshares.

Borrow Process

Deposit HEX

Pick an amount of HEX tokens to deposit. The USD value must be greater than $1. HEX will be transformed into T-Shares by the vault, and used as collateral.

After you successfully deposit you receive your Hex1 Debt Title NFT, that contains the T-shares and dates of your deposit.

Borrow HEX1

In Your Loans table you will see the following information regarding your positions:


The stakeId that matches the collateral deposit.


Id on the Hex One Protocol database.


Start and end dates of staked HEX (collateral).


Total HEX staked (principal).


Total HEX1 borrowed.

Health Ratio

When this ratio is > 250% there is no chance of liquidation. The starting point increases with the T-share payout increase.

Max Borrowable

The max amount of HEX1 tokens that can be borrowed against the debt position. This number increases if the price of HEX increases, from the user's starting price.



Choose an amount to borrow against your debt title HDT NFT. Your health ratio will decrease.


Choose an amount of HEX1 to repay (burn). Your health ratio will increase.


Mint the staked HEX + Hedron + COM, and repay any owed HEX1.

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