Bootstrap Benefits

Why should you participate in the Hex One Protocol Bootstrap phase?

Bootstrapping means you are actively helping the Hex One Protocol gain collateral at launch. Not only do you get $HEX1 but also an extra incentive token, $HEXIT.

Bootstrapping is a mix of sacrifice and airdrop. It essentially means that the Hex One Protocol is the ultimate benefactor and not the team. Only 25% of the bootstrap funds go into liquidity, the remaining returns to the user in HEX1 tokens.

There are many benefits to bootstrapping:

BenefitWhy is goodWhat you get

Your Bootstrap is transformed in Hex One collateral

When you deposit, 75% of the tokens you send are deposited into Hex One vault

Claim $HEX1 in porportion to your sacrifice share

Your dposit is transforrmed into liquidity

When you participate, 25% of the tokens you deposit are used for liquidity HEX1/DAI. Higher liquidity = higher probable stability

A way to convert from Hex1 into DAI from ETH and vice-versa

By participating you can claim the incentive token, $HEXIT

Hex One Protocol stablecoin has an embedded incentive token

Claim $HEXIT in porportion to your bootstrap share + airdrop

Claim Hedron and Com tokens

By participating in Hex One protocol, participants don't lose their free HDRN and COM tokens

Once the t-shares mature, users must claim HEX. They also receive $HDRN and $COM tokens automatically

You are making HEX scarcer!

By sacrificing you are converting HEX or other non-HEX tokens into T-SHARES. This makes less HEX available in the market

You stake your HEX for the maximum duration while enjoying borrowing against its USD value

Only bootstrap using our official dApp. If you send tokens directly into the contract you may not be eligible to claim your $HEX1 and $HEXIT tokens.

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