Hex One Protocol Benefits

Why borrow $HEX1?

TLDR: By using Hex One protocol, you don't need to sell your Hex. You can acquire liquidity without selling Hex, which helps you and other #hexicans - since you don't dump the price! Additionally, $HEX1 is the first stablecoin with embedded yield and with non-liquid collateral.

All Benefits of Hex One Protocol

BenefitWhy is good for you

Borrow against your Hex stakes

Get liquidity without selling Hex, the best token ever creted!

Stablecoin with yield

Not only you don't need to sell Hex tokens, but the stablecoin you borrow, $HEX1, is generating yield in HEX!

Borrowers protected from liquidations

An initial buffer, that only goes up in time, is given to the borrower. This means that if HEX drops 50%, the borrower still has a chance to repay his loan and close his position before liquidation.

Re-borrow against collateral

If the dollar value of your collateral increases (if the price of HEX goes up), you can borrow additional $HEX1 tokens without depositing more Hex.

Embedded incentive token

After borrowing $HEX1, stake it to earn an extra income, $HEXIT!

De-pegs are welcomed by depositors

If there is a momentary de-peg scenario that means you can acquire $HEX, the underlying collateral of $HEX1 tokens, at a discount!

Claim $HDRN and $COM

When you payoff your loan and mint the underlying HEX, you also claim Hedron and Com tokens

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